Wyze Cam Notifications crashing Apple Watches

I’ve been struggling with my brand new Apple Watch Series 6 rebooting and getting hot numerous times. It got so bad that I had to keep unpairing and repairing as a new device. I contacted apple support and they couldn’t find a solution. So I noticed that it occurred when my Wyze notifications came up. After turning off the notifications, the problem has not returned. Not sure if it is a bug or something else. Just wanted to share with the community in case someone here is experiencing the same thing.


For many months, I have had the same problem. For my watch to work properly, I had to turn off Wyze notifications on my watch. If I turned the Wyze notifications back on and received too many notifications, the watch would go into a constant reboot loop. It drains the Watch battery very quick. I am starting to wonder if these notifications with attachments are causing the problem and if Wyze needs to update its codes to better work with new Watch OS? Have you open a support ticket with Wyze?

WYZE you need to look at your code this may help


Wow, I wonder what’s causing that. I have never had any problems with Wyze notifications on my Apple Watch. (I have a Series 5.) I finally got rid of my Eufy camera because I could never get a picture notification on the watch, only text. I replaced the Eufy with Wyze because Wyze always gives me a photo notification reliably, which is so convenient. I can usually glance down at my wrist and see enough to know whether or not I need to bother looking at my phone.

Wyze needs to fix their notification code.

So interestingly, I upgraded to iOS 14.3 and now notifications for Wyze DO NOT appear on my watch. I was having the intermittent bug of my Watch getting stuck in a reboot loop. I only just discovered this thread, so it looks like Wyze was the cause.

I wonder if Apple has blocked messages to the watch that can crash it. Anyone else seeing Wyze notifications NOT going to the watch since 14.3 ?

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I hope they did. Now the question is root cause? Apple or Wyze?

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Here is a thread discussing the Watch rebooting issue in Apple Community:


Wyze has crashed more devices than it’s created. Their operating systems are so bad that every iPhone or android user is constantly rebooting thinking it’s the maker.

It’s not, it’s WYZE.

I’ll prove it. Name any of your cameras/devices a perverse name, shut it off and watch it…boom, it’s almost immediately back on without permission to everyone.

I’m stuck in an endless reboot since October and I’ve done extensive testing. There’s no setting you can employ that is secure to YOU.

All your data and your rules ( see latest glitch claiming Rules Issue ) are a smoke screen. If you think it’s off and safe to use then don’t turn it on becuase it’ll crash endlessly the more you try to block it from your data.

Wyze hires these forum mods, they are volunteers and unpaid. They ask for system logs like they have never heard your issue before and yet pass this all along to Wyze… what a perfect way to get all your info and pathways leaving Wyze legally feee from scrutiny in US COURT.

The mods here harvest your issues. Not solve them in 2 years running. They just allow you to submit and then allow Wyze to perfect workarounds not in your favor.

After reading your comment, I installed the update to iOS 14.3 and turned on Wyze notifications on my Watch (which had been turned off to avoid the reboot issue). My phone has been getting notifications, but majority of notifications are not showing up on the Watch. Once in a long while, the watch would get a Wyze notification. My watch hasn’t rebooted yet… will have to monitor this further. Maybe the latest iOS update helped to block those notifications that could cause the crash. Now, Wyze needs to update its app so that we can get notifications consistently.