Possible to use dog bark chime at night only?

I noticed there is a dog bark chime with the Wyze doorbell. I am wondering if I can use a normal doorbell during daytime hours (ex. 6 AM to 10 PM) and then set a rule to have the dog bark chime automatically play if somebody approaches the front door in the middle of the night using the person detection mode (ex. 10 PM to 6AM). I would also sync this with my Wyze switch to turn on the front door light simultaneously. Does anyone know if this type of rule scheme is possible? If not possible within Wyze app, does it seem doable on IFTTT?

Thanks in advance, RB

I don’t see a method to set the Chime via a Rule in the Wyze App. I cannot speak to IFTTT.

I would add this to a Wish List Item by going here, verify it does not exist and add a new item. Please make sure you vote for the item as it does not automatically add a vote for you.

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