Now Available: Wyze Chime for Wyze Video Doorbell - 7/20/21

What’s better than one insanely loud doorbell chime that makes your dogs bark and baby cry? Well… Pretty much anything, but how ‘bout up to 4 custom volume-adjusted Wyze Chimes placed in specific rooms to avoid all that?

It’s not complicated either. Just plug into any ol’ outlet, pair with a Wyze Video Doorbell, and then set the volume to your preference. Available and shipping right now on


Very exciting!

Looks like this support article needs updating! :grinning:


I already have three doorbells and three chimes. Do I have to buy new chimes or would my current chimes support this as well?

This is the same chimes you already have. This is just in case someone wants duplicate chimes. So if you want your front doorbell to have a chime near the front door, and one in a couple of other rooms: Master bedroom, Den, Family Room, Living Room, backyard (in a weatherproof area), etc, then you can buy extras and pair them to that same doorbell.

Wow, 3 doorbells! Are you using them for something other than the front and back door? I thought about using one for my office door.

Front back and west door. I don’t really need all three but I already had two so I thought why not put one on the garage door.
Now I know I can use two chimes for the front door since nobody ever rings the back.

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When I heard the dogs barking in unison i used it. Backin 1986 I coud get my 5 dobies to start barking virtually sounding like that. I put it on my cassette answering machine. It was great. I cant believe we did with so little back then No Pcs or cellphones. Its great now but we will devour ourselves sooner than later.

So it was availble but is not anymore. When will it be back in stock?

Welcome @spud01au!
The chime is in stock now.