Portable battery pack

what do you do if you dont have an outlet near where you will set up camera? Portable battery should be an option. I am going to buy some on amazon. Anyone had issues?

Welcome to the community, @brigitta5589. Have you done a search in #ask-the-community for “battery”? There are several topics posted on here that might interest you. For example…


The V2 consumes about 1.7 watts/hour without IR,

but 2 watts/hr is the figure generally used, so portable battery packs are an excellent DIY solution.

I’ve several portable battery packs -
I’ve three Samsung 10AH @5 volts (50 watts) bought for $16 on sale
A Ravpower 16AH @5 volts $25 on sale
and a Harbor Freight LiFePo4 “jump pack” 12AH @12 volts (144 watts) $60 on sale
and then of course there are regular car batteries with also buying a 12 volt to 4 volt adapter for usb.
By far the least expensive PER WATT is the car battery. I need to replace my batteries in my Ford E350 diesel, a Delco that puts out 108AH (~1300 watts) is $93.

Now what do you call “portable”?
My Samsungs are about the same size and form factor as my phone, and easily slips in my shirt pocket, Ravpower barely fits in my shirt pocket, the Harbor Freight fits in my cargo pant pocket, the Delco for my van is about 12" x 7" x 9" and weighs about 50 lbs! (but it should run a V2 for about a month).
I’ve used the Samsungs when I needed a trailer back up camera or something to monitor a battery charger,

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I’ve used a 12v Milwaukee tool battery with USB adapter. I already have the batteries so just needed the adapter and they are built to discharge often. They charge quick.

Oh, I forgot, I also use a DeWalt 20vMax system, I’ve got hundreds invested in Dewalt batteries, but the blasted adapter is like $20@.

I picked up DeWalt adapters on eBay for $8 each.