Port Range Forwarding

Adding the ability for Port Range Forwarding. This would allow users to set up public services in a group which means a range of ports, for example from 20 ~ 25.

Does this help?

Sadly no. With the current method you can only add 1 port at a time. So the port forwarding rules look messy and take much longer to setup. With adding the ability to port range forward a user would be able to port forward multi ports in 1 rule. Ex. Current - 10 rules for ports 1,2,3… -10
Future - 1 rule that opens 1-10.

You should add this suggestion to the Wishlist

I was trying to. it tells me i don’t have access to post there.

I believe you need a higher trust level. Try reading a few posts and you should be able to get it increased.


Thank you

The alert should have also told you where to go to learn how to get access.