Popup banner for notifications

When I get a notification sound of Person Detection, IF my phone screen is on, I will get a popup banner that I can simply tap. Great!

However, IF my phone screen is asleep, I will still get a notification sound of Person Detection, but when I open the screen there will be no popup banner to click.

I realize Wyze has placed an icon on the taskbar, but it is SO SMALL that if you aren’t looking carefully, you might miss it. Besides, having a popup banner saves an extra step by simply being able to click on the banner to open the camera that is reporting the motion.

I have a Samsung S21 Ultra.

Please consider getting the banner to open (popup) on the screen regardless of if the screen is active or asleep?

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Welcome @gx1844

Was curious on your Android Settings. Did you turn on Show Notifications on Lock Screen. On the Pixel 5 and 6, there is a Privacy setting which allows you to show all content on the Lock Screen. Here is an image of what I see:

Also, on your Notifications, did you set the ignore Do Not Disturb option?


In my Android OS on my Motorola, when I unlock my phone, all I do is pull down my notification taskbar from the top to show all the notifications I have yet to open. All the motion detection notifications will be grouped there together in the order they were received. When I click on it, it takes me to the event video clip.

Not familiar with how different the Samsung Android OS is.

I don’t have a problem when the screen is asleep. When a notification is heard, I have the phone set to automatically open (waken) the screen. There I can see the Notification bubble for Wyze. The problem is only when the screen is awake, not asleep. When a notification comes in, there is no indication (bubble) that it is Wyze that is notifying me…unless I look carefully at the taskbar. I would like to have the same notification bubble from Wyze whether the screen is asleep or awake but don’t see any settings related to this.

I get a notification banner when the phone is awake. That is a setting in my OS for the device.

I know it may be different on Samsung, but from one of my previous notifications in the history, I enter settings for that type of notification… In this case Wyze message. Then I enable the pop on screen banner notification setting. You can probably search in settings to find it


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That did it!
It was buried under the General tab.

:partying_face: YEAH! :+1: Those sneaky software devs like to hide stuff just to make us look for it!

Glad you are back to Popping On!

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