Poor experience with live chat support

I have a foggy lens in an 8 month old OG telephoto.

After 15 minutes of scripted responses with lots of dead air. My guess is that the support agent was fielding several calls at once. I finally told support I would return it to Home Depot where I bought it and ended he chat.

They wanted to verify firmware and app version after I had sent screen captures of this in chat.

I rarely have to deal with support EVER because everything works. I know there are issues with the OG lens fogging and wanted to start the return process.

The name Wizard has taken up a new definition. My dealings with support over my latest V3 issue has convinced me that they have a list of responses to send via email for any given issue. I am sure they are good people just trying to do a job and told how to do it. They have all been polite but not helpful.
Even though I have a BFH sitting by my computer I haven’t used it yet while reading support responses. :grin: