Poor Connectivity

Let me see if I understand this…

…I have a camera that keeps showing error code 90, refuses to connect to my WiFi (it has previously, and my other Wyze Cam is connected to it just fine), and the only way to reasonably make the thing work again is to unplug it, and plug it back in?

In other words…the only way to make my camera work is to be present, in the same damn location as said camera, to perform maintenance?!

Then what’s the point of the camera? Why do I need a camera in, say, my living room, if I too have to be in the living room just to make the camera a work?!

I’ve got a similar issue with a camera that is in my garage. It’s pretty close to the router, but it goes offline every few days. ATM I’m attributing that to the fact there is a metal furnace and a water heater attenuating the signal in between the two, but you may want to get with support to see if you have a malfunctioning camera that needs to be replaced.

A weak WIFI signal from the router. OR objects in the same room or vicinity or wifi hungry devices can be creating a strong interference with your Wyze camera.

Most of the time, you can just reboot the Wyze camera.

I use a smart wifi plug that I attach between the camera and the A/C outlet to so that if I need to “reboot” the camera, I can do it with ease and from just about anywhere.