[POLL] Is Anyone Actually Satisfied With Their Wyze Camera?

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@pedrotek , you’ll notice the poll is framed positively, as @kaytel framed their post. :slight_smile:

Interestingly (or not) the ‘poll’ does not address the question “Is Anyone Actually Satisfied With Their Wyze Camera”. There is no way to answer in the negative.

Mostly true, but the companion thread is full of trenchant critique. Or at least, ‘peppered with.’ :slight_smile:

Agree about the thread but I stand 100% behind my statement that the poll itself does not address the title of the poll, even remotely - not a lot unlike the headlines of the tabloids at the checkout lane in the supermarket. A much better title would be something along the lines of “What Is Your Favorite Feature Of A Wyze Camera”.

I’m hoping for a paradoxical effect whereby the many flaws neutralize each other and a valid insight emerges. You can’t count on it, but it happens. @Customer said so. :slight_smile:

This is stupid. What is the percent of Wyze users who participate on this forum, who’ll likely participate? Check the reviews on Amazon which has a much larger sample size.

Somewhat true, but 90% of my Amazon reviews are negative as I only review on Amazon when a product had an issue or was total garbage.

I did review the Wyze branded micro SD as bad, which it is as everyone of them died over time and gave a link to the one’s I bought on Amazon that have still not failed to date.

Out of many reviews I have done on Amazon I believe only 2-3 were positive, the other 20-30 reviews were all negative so in my case Amazon reviews are not accurate either.

I use Amazon reviews to warn potential buyers of bad products, and there are plenty of good reviews on Amazon for junk likely created by the sellers or bots of the sellers…

Just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll have you know I have no formal training in this but my execution is BRILLIANT! :wink:

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Yep, one of my favorites is: “Haven’t used it yet but giving 5 stars because it arrived on time.” :rofl:

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I believe this. :wink:

Wow. That’s a lot of contradiction in five paragraphs.

As if your opinion matters to me :rofl:

It didn’t strike me as contradictory at all. That’s interesting, don’t you think?

I’m pretty old and I’m very fond of the word ‘roughly.’ It’s a reasonable word. I can live with it.

‘Precisely,’ on the other hand, is the matrix for a world of hurt.

And no, I’m not talking about engineering, as we weren’t. :slight_smile:

Yay! You replied.

Nope. Not at all.

Ok, that bait & tackle shop we were going to open together, fuggedaboudit … :wink:

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That cuts deep. I was really looking forward.


So, turns out I’m okay with ‘roughly’ in software engineering, as well… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

In this respect: I would rather have a CONSISTENT 90% than an intermittent 100%.

I’ve thought about appraising people and things a fair amount in my lifetime and I came to the conclusion a long time ago that accurate appraisals are rare.

I don’t think most folks even shoot for that. Over- and under- rating is rife.

When someone pegs you on the nose, whoa, that’s something. A real gift. :slight_smile: