[POLL] How about that Wyze app 3.0 (in Beta 2!) 💪

Beta Two

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1=Dismal!   10=Phenomenal!

You can change your vote if your sentiment does! :point_up:

Beta One

June 14 - July 2

June 13

App rating was ~6.5 with 16 votes before accidentally wiping results. Started over.



Beta One comments #2-#118
Beta Two comments #119 on…

Hmm, looking pretty strong after ~8 hrs…

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Peeps need to re-vote. Previous votes lost when poll edited.

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Like 'Pup professed…

Votes got klonked, re-vote if you can!

App rating was ~6.5 with 16 votes Thursday prior to klonking. At the moment… lower.


I would vote but I haven’t seen 3.o yet.

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Yeah, me neither, I got recruited by the Summerlin Foundation to do a little public service… :grin:

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Most appreciated.

Check is in the mail.

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Virtue is its own reward. :slight_smile:

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Famous last words :rofl:


Any version that removes basic functions (like home screen group device control) is not an improvement. Now stop repeatedly replacing the useful version with the beta version please.

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That doesn’t sound good. I guess I will be in for a big surprise when it is released.

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I am stocking up on natural herbal relaxants cuz I don’t like change.

(Not pot. You can buy them at :dart: )


I tend to agree. Unfortunately the only constant is change.


That was/is my biggest gripe with the new beta 3.0 as well as loading speed.


I like change when it is for better. Change for the sake of change is never good.


Ay, there’s the rub. :slight_smile:

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The Home Screen (Favorites) allows you to have your Cameras and Groups just like you had them. You can add them all there and sort them how you like. The buttons are too big and you don’t have a list view but they’ve already stated they will make the buttons smaller in Beta 2.

The Device tab can be sorted if you rename your devices (they have committed to changing the sorting options in Beta 2). I have included a screen shot of what that looks like for me.

The new app is much better in terms of organization. Changing things to an emoji prefix makes it MUCH easier to find things. You could change your devices to be named:

[Room] - [Device] - name
[Device] - [Room] - name

By using prefixes (or emoji’s), the devices will automatically sort in your list. I’m fond of the emoji’s because my eye catches the symbol much faster than words.


I’m looking forward to trying it after you intrepid folk strain ‘all’ the bugs out of it. The design looks like it might work for me. :crossed_fingers:


I would like to think we are picking the bugs out.

Monkey picking lice from another monkey on Make a GIF


:laughing: Much better!

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