Pointing Camera out Window with Screen?

Have any of you guys had any luck pointing these cameras out of a window with window screen on it?

I had a Swann Camera, but it kept focusing on the screen instead of looking past it.

I wonder if these have that same issue, before ordering more for my windowsills.

I haven’t tried through a screen, but I realized yesterday that our fall decor was blocking about 50% of the window where I have my Wyze Cam v2 set up and it is still focusing on the driveway and not the back of the scarecrow’s head that’s 3 inches in front of the window.

That’s promising.

I have my camera on the inside of the house with the front up against the glass. I did take the screen down. The camera was looking through the screen, but I still found it to be annoying, so I removed the screen. I don’t have night vision turned on at all. If I did, I would not be able to see anything at night. Fortunately there is a city street light above our driveway so I can see things pretty well. Hope this helps.

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