Point System VS. Replies Created VS. Post Count

As with most forums we have several different " Number Levels" beside our user name.Being apart of an onslaught of forums, I have seen the number/post count refer to different levels of being a forum member… WyzeCam forums has three(3) seperate number systems:
Point System
Replies Created
Post Count

“Post Count” & “Replies Created” typically represents the activness of that member and sometimes more…

But what about the point system? Baffled… Got me on this one…

Can one of the WCIC ( WyzeCams. In.Charge) Explain or at least let us know if one of these below is close to reality:

  1. Members Status E.G. : Elite member , Most helpful , Frontier Member etc…

  2. Points earned on the forum can be used at a later date to purchase items from the Wyze Store
    ( X amount of points = 10% , 20% , 30% off of items offered from WyzeCam)

Or does it mean something totally different?

Hi Imacoo! (found this on your mod application)

  1. We’re just starting off with a very basic forum, which means a lot of the features we’d like will hopefully be implemented in due time. Currently the different statuses are just participants, mods and admins. We currently are unable to have a tier system for different members – but it’s something we’d definitely want in the future!

  2. Points earned – that’s a cool suggestion. We’ve seen other forums / brands implement this as well, but currently the points would largely more serve as a gauge of activeness on the forum itself so that it can be partly used to identify members who would be able to help us with our beta testing.

Hope that clarifies!


Awesome! This clarifies and thank you!