Long-time Forum member with no Upload status?

I had a problem last month and wanted to post a pic. I could not.

Someone mentioned “Neebies”, have to wait.
In order to avoid spammers. (I agree :100:).

I’ve been an “Active” Forum member for enough years, to collect “Wyze Social Security”.

How did this happen n why ?

Posted 6 mins ago

Joined Oct 23, 2018

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Some would say, member vs active member?

Well let’s jus say, “I’ve been on here, begging for help. Well before Cam V2 Blk, Xmas limited, preorder Special”.

Btw -

I also looked back n found pic’s, that I posted. Most recently, Apr 2k22, too !

Is this an Android “Phone thing”, too ?

What happened? Error code or something? Can you explain what happened when you tried to post a photo? I know you said Android, but how are you visiting the forum? in a stand alone browser or from within the Wyze app? It is known that visiting the app through the browser link within the Wyze app has some compatibility issues.

Yep, new forum users have to participate to move up trust levels automatically. Each new trust level allows the user more things that they can do. Its to protects the user until they get to know the platform more.

I’ve checked your trust level and you should be able to post images and videos no problem, like previously like you stated. Wyze uses Discourse for its forum platform, and here is a public knowledge article from Discourse explaining the trust system.

Glad to help figure this out with you!