Dropping in to say hello

A little leggy visitor last night dropped in to tease the doorbell camera.

The app won’t let me upload the video…

Welcome to the User Community Forum @dajost!

As a new user to the forum, the software restricts what you can do until it gets to know you better. It is a measure to thwart drop-in spammers who cause all kinds of havoc.

Browse around the topics, read a bunch of posts, post in some replies, and soon you will be upgraded to a trusted member which will give you pic then video posting priveledge.

In the mean time, you can post it to YouTube or another public site and just paste the link into your post.


You gotta get a higher trust level to post pics and videos. Read around the forum and post some things, and you will be upgraded very quickly.

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You beat me to it!


Or we could call upon one of our awesome @Mods to increase the trust level.

Hmmmm? :dollar: Hmmmmm? :moneybag: Hmmmmmm? :heavy_dollar_sign: Hmmmmm :tropical_drink:? :wink:

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According to our site settings, New Users are able to post media, but there is a limit of one. You may also be limited on your first day on the forum. Try again today to post a single video. If you still have trouble, please send a PM to @Mods so we can look into it.