Plugs and Bulbs

Trying to request " Enhancement Request " but you can’t send a message to support that I can find.

For future Enhancement it would be nice if you could in the app set a plug or bulb for sunset and sunrise for you location taken off internet. instead of just by hour and minutes.


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what you are looking for is our #wishlist

you can make product request and also vote on ideas already proposed there ( in the top left corner of the thread.)

remember to do a search before just making a post but I think you have the right frame of mind. your post was very well worded and clear.

your idea is actually one that has gain some traction and is listed as “being researched” which means it is something Wyze is looking into putting into development

follow this link and vote on the top left or add to it in that thread if you feel the need, maybe there’s something the OP left out.


Thanks will do,