Plug - WLPP1CFH just stop working

has anyone’s WLPP1CFH just stop working, and can’t be reinstalled because app won’t find the device with WIFI? Called tech and they told me not supported anymore and outside warranty .
Sounds like i didnt update firmwhere and they stopped supporting it

The WLPP1CFH is the current version of the Plug, not the original Plug that had a model number without the CFH (“Certified for Humans”) suffix.

So this Plug is not abandoned in any way. Also, I don’t know why they told you the original Plug was. Yes, I doubt they develop new features for the original anymore, but it should be supported to still work.

On the current CFH version you don’t use WiFi to set it up. You use Bluetooth. Should be much friendlier. To prepare the Plug for setup, hold in the power button on the side of the Plug until the light begins to flash blue. Then start the setup process. :slight_smile:


My plugs were bought prior to 2021, and do not have Bluetooth, it prompts you to use wifi . and doesn’t identify it at all. have do the factory reset with no luck. And now have 4 plus with same issue. Very frustrating

If they have the CFH model number, they are Bluetooth. All CFH’s are Bluetooth. Bluetooth is what made them CFH. So if you have CFH as part of the model number, you are Bluetooth. :slight_smile:

Do you have a second device (phone, tablet) to use for setup? Maybe your current device is having issues, or maybe the Wyze app is restricted from using Bluetooth.


Is Bluetooth enabled on the phone?


Could you send the ticket number for that chat, I could forward it to someone, as it sounds like they don’t know what they are talking about.

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