Please try to power cycle the Camera (Error Code : -90)

As of yesterday 8/7/2018 I’ve been getting this msg ( In Subject ) while trying to Live Stream from work. I have the Cam Pan and it worked before and works as I’m closer to my house, any fix for this? Thanks

I encountered this yesterday while testing some low-power wireless access points. It appears that the -90 error simply indicates the camera is offline, most commonly caused by poor WiFi signal strength. Adding another access point or re-positioning your router may help. I don’t know how the antenna in the Cam Pan is set up but I imagine the orientation of the camera itself probably affects signal reception in a small way.

If you’re saying it works as your phone gets closer to your house, that may be the same issue but the poor signal strength is to your phone.

My Pan Cam arrived today after a nine day journey from Washington. I immediately opened the box, plugged it in and pressed the little squiggly button on the bottom until the “ Ready to connect” report was heard. After a couple tries I was able to scan the image from the App and then got the all is well signal. Meanwhile the camera rotated a few times. I then added the camera to my setup with the app. I then saw the new firmware alert. Having gone through this process with my two v2 cameras I chose to unplug first and then selected the firmware update. The first two tries just stopped but on the third try it was accepted. Cut the power again and installed the 32 Gb SD card.

My goal with the pan camera was to put it on my screened back porch and have it scan through the screens from the porch to the back yard. The built-in range of the pan route was way more than I needed so I opted to try to customize my pan settings. I probably could have helped myself y viewing some of the Wyze video but decided to tough it out. It took several tries but I finally came up with a reasonable scan that satisfied me. So far I’m very satisfied.

The v2 camera the pan camera replaced will go in my garage for those times the garage may be open but not manned.

Same problem occurs here. If im not at home, i cannot reset the power .major hassle. I’d like to be able to restart any camera from the app, in the future.