Please help: Can I completly disable speaker on Wyze cam v2 or v3?

So I’ve installed a Wyze cam v3 in a senstive gathering room where meetings and classes take place. If any sound were to come through the speaker, it would be bad. So I’m very careful to never hit “speak” or “siren” by accident.

Are there ANY other sounds that might occur that I should be aware of? Like when there’s a firmware upgrade? Or when it reboots?

For example, when I put in the SD card, there was a loud chirp. Would there ever be an instance where some audible alert or sound would occur and cause a disturbance?

Bottom line…can I completley disable the speaker? I’ve even thought about piercing the speaker with a paper clip to damage it. I’m sure that would void the warranty, but that would honestly be prefereable to having the speaker make a sound some day and cause a disturbance.


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Hello @gp2019, the only true way to disable the speaker would be to open it and disable it or damage it. I say this because it is never known if a future firmware update would bring an upgrade that caused new sounds you did not know of, if that makes sense.

Okay good thanks for the response!

I to have had an issue with the speakers on my v2 and pan cam. I’ve spoken through it to my dog and son, but, it is not audible.