Please fix the IOS app to work with VPN

Please fix the issue with VPN. I want to be able to use the WYZE app on my iphone when I’m using VPN turned on. Thanks.

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I (and many other users) have no issue using Wyze app with VPN. What VPN are you using? Your VPN might be the issue.

I’m using Nord VPN. And I never did have a problem with it until i did. And then Wyze tech support had me turn off the VPN in my phone and suddenly it started working. So they’ve obviously run into the issue before.

Hmmm, I am using Nord VPN as well, and I don’t have any issues. Just for a good measure, reboot your phone and router and see what happens.

Try using split tunneling:

Split Tunneling is not available for iOS, it’s Android and Windows option only.

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On my iPhone running iOS 15.7.1, NordVPN does not cause any issues with the Wyze app… just as long as the phone is connected to fast WiFi.

But when the iPhone connected only to spotty rural cellular, the VPN slows it down from cold molasses to baked mud, and then the Wyze app is essentially unusable.

Some possible experiments:

  1. Maybe do some comparison speed tests w/ and w/o the VPN (,, WiFiman app, etc ) to judge the general impact of the VPN

  2. Maybe also try different protocols in the iOS app - go to Profile (lower right head icon) and then up to the settings gear in the top right, and then experiment with the different protocols. In some cases, “OpenVPN (UDP)” has been much faster for me, but didn’t seem to make much difference this morning, so YMMV…

All good options. I run Nord VPN on both iPhone and iPad iOS 16, no issues whatsoever.

That is the nature of the beast. VPN provides security but sacrifices speed. Some VPNs less than the others. I find NordVPN fast enough even on a low internet speeds at my cottage, 10 Mbs down and 1 Mbs up.

Personally, I would stay away from free VPNs, they all have shoddy privacy policies. If you want fast VPN, Surfshark is one of the fastest, now owned by NordVPN.

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Agree 100% on staying away from free VPNS.

I was only referring to selecting among the four protocol choices that NordVPN offers. NordLynx is usually quite fast, but I’ve run into issues with it once or twice.

Very interesting - I did not know that NordVPN had acquired Surfshark.

I see. I am using NordLynx and I can’t tell the difference both on my desktop and on my phone over 5 Ghz network. 2.4 Ghz is totally different story :slight_smile:

Below speed is the one without VPN:

and this is with VPN on:

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