Please add a feature to disable livestream audio / microphone

Perhaps you can but I couldn’t figure it out but there needs to be a way to turn off the ability for someone to speak into the camera from the app, especially when you share the camera. I can tell you this if you don’t do this soon, I WILL CANCEL ALL MY SERVICES, THROW ALL MY WYZE PRODUCTS IN THE TRASH, NEVER ORDER AGAIN AND WRITE BAD REVIEWS AS LONG AS I CAN. I could be over reacting because I couldn’t figure this out late at night but seriously get some control of your app, fix the damn sound issues I have been plagued with since V3 camera and now in all my cameras because you install CHEAP microphones and don’t shield your electronics. When I share a camera I should be able to turn certain features off! Fix your [Mod Edit] WYZE. Quit trying to make everything under the sun and fix the stuff you have built!!!
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