Playback on Wyze Cam v2 ends where action starts

I haven’t used the Playback function on my Wyze Cams v2’s in a while. I checked it yesterday and today and I noticed that the playback on my microSD cards starts exactly a minute before motion is sensed, and then ends right when the motion stops, It used to be that it would start around maybe 30 seconds before the motion was sensed, and ended around 30 seconds after. That made a whole lot more sense, is this a change I missed or is there an issue? I just checked and it happens on my Pan as well.

Local storage event only recording has always been where the full minute where motion is detected is saved starting at the top of the minute.

If motion is detected at 04:07:15 to 04:07:25, then 04:07:00 to 04:07:59 is saved. If the motion goes into the next minute, then :00 to :59 of the next minute is saved to the card aswell.

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