Playback from SD card

What’s up with the playback ? I hit the “view playback” and intermittently it doesn’t work. I touch the digital button and nothing happens. This has happened several times.

? Do you mean the green bar on the bottom of the page in Live view or are you trying to play back from the events page? What SD card are you using? recording events or continuous?

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I don’t recall the “view playback” button ever NOT wyrkin’. My initial guess was that the users’ phone was hourglassing, or, otherwise, not responding.

If the phone is good, how 'bout a screen recording to show the error cmon.

you mean like a screen shot of the button ? I can’t video my tapping it and it’s just a frozen screen. What does hourglassing mean? It’s an iphone 11 pro


yes the green bar. It’s was when I get a notification that motion is detected. I don’t know if it’s a live screen at that point. I click on the notification and then try to click view playback. Do I need to go to live view before I can view playback?

The iPhone 11 pro will do a screen recording. It will result in something like this.

It depends if you V3 is working correctly. If you get a notification you and you tap it you should get the event to play the video “If” you have cam plus or Cam Plus Lite. if the videos is playing just tap the SD card icon and it will play from the SD if you have the cam set to record to the card. Some V3 cmas are having issues with playback from the events page. No SD card found.
As my post above with my video playing back from the cloud.Push the SD card icon