Playback freezes when I group cameras

I have cameras nine cameras, 2 pans and 7 V2s all with memory cards and continuous recording. I had them divided into 2 groups. Recently when I tried to playback stored events, the playback froze. I ungrouped the cameras and the playback worked fine. I have all the latest software, no beta versions. Any ideas?


Hi @greenaire,

I don’t have 9 cameras to test out this theory on, but the 6 that I have do not have an issue while in a group for playback. we may have to hope someone with as many cams as you sees this and can test that out.

Thanks, I actually grouped the cameras into two groups, one of 5 and the other 4. I had the playback freeze happen in both groups. I also have about 20 other devices on my internet from motions sensor to DVRs that might have some effect.

Certainly a possibility. You may just be killing your router/internet’s ability to handle the data.

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