Play sounds on Google speakers when door opened

Had anyone figured out a way to play a sound on Google home speakers when a door sensor is opened?

I know how to start the rule for the trigger of the door opening, but I don’t see anyway to play a sound file.

I saw some things on smart things and another post on home assistant but I was hoping not to have to start in with another smart platform.

If there is no way to do this in the WYZE system is this something we should ask for? This would be great for playing a chime or having the speaker say, “Front door open” when the sensor opens. I want this because our sense hub is downstairs and we can’t hear the chime upstairs. With 3 grandkids were want to know if one of them opens the door. I know I can turn on phone notifications, but I don’t always have my phone with me. It would just be a really smart feature which I think is the whole point!!

Thanks for any info or help on this! I think if someone smart could figure it out and write the script or code, people might even pay a small fee to gain access to it.


It can certainly be done with Alexa in a routine, so I would think a similar option should be available in Google.

A quick “Google” search provided this: