Plastic film on the lens?

Hello all!

I recently purchased a Cam Pan v2. When unboxing, I found it odd there was no film covering the camera lens to pull off, but just went with it, thinking they have have updated the packaging or it was forgotten.

After looking at the camera more in depth, I noticed it might have a small plastic covering on it, but it is only slightly smaller then the O ring surrounding it. It did appear to be pulling up a little, so I tried picking at it, but no luck. I also briefly tried a hairdryer to loosen the glue as I read on another thread, but was scared I may damage it. It also led me to think if there is really is a covering or if it part of the camera.

I attached a photo, but it can be difficult to tell. I can get more angles if needed. I was just informed by the system new users can only embed one image per post, or I would have included more.

Any ideas on this would be great, thanks!

(Also, if there’s no covering - I feel stupid, but just wanted to check)

Theres nothing wrong with it program it up then look on your app at the avocation date

That looks like film to me. You could try a razor to carefully lift the edge.

If it works then just use it

I’m a little concerned here, but it may not matter.

I don’t have a new Pan V2 to unbox, but normally Wyze cameras come with a film over the entire face of the camera, and a blue tab to pull to remove it.

I don’t see that here, which leads me to wonder if it isn’t a vacuum-sealed protective film over the lens itself that was intended to stay in place.

But no matter I suppose, as the seal has been broken. I expect you need to remove it now or it will cause issues.

So fellow users, what is the norm for a brand new V2 Pan? A blue-tabbed film that covers the whole lens? Or no?

Where did you buy this, was it Wyze?

From his pictures there’s no cover either it was not put on at factory or the camera has been used…i told him to look at the activation date on the app for that camera

@luckyneko14 - Did you ever figure this out? I just activated a new cam pan v2 and have the same issue. The plastic over the lens has a small tab that looks like it’s meant to come off. But it will not pull off - seems like it is part of the lens but my photos have a fisheye look to them so I think it should come off

Yes you remove it…

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Heat gently with hair dryer and remove, or consider returning.

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Thank you @Customer and @kae4560 for your replies. I will try the hair dryer trick and also send a follow-up to Wyze customer support

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