Placing camera on top of microwave oven

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I am thinking of placing a Wyze cam on top of my microwave oven, as it provides a perfect view of the front door area.

From reading previous threads I understand that cameras placed near microwave ovens may suffer from connectivity issues when the oven is in use. I will only be using this camera when I am not home so interference should not be an issue as the microwave will not be in use.

I am, however, concerned about the long term impact a microwave oven may cause to a Wyze cam. Will a microwave oven permanently damage a Wyze cam sitting on top of it?

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Sounds to me like your camera might be a test case. However, I wouldn’t recommend putting the camera inside the microwave. :wink:

All kidding aside, while most microwaves are pretty well shielded, there are several articles (I Google, therefore I am) on them causing interference while running. With my cursory search, there were articles about microwave damaging nearby devices, such as cell phones.


I was going to suggest using a Faraday Cage.


A microwave is a rather effective Faraday Cage, heh.


Only the interior. There are plenty of links to Inverter type microwave ovens that kill 2.4Ghz wifi. I unfortunately have one. Panasonic.

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Thanks for all the replies and sorry for my delay in posting - work has been pretty busy this week!

I also have a Panasonic Inverter microwave, but I’m not too concerned about the microwave affecting the 2.4GHz WiFi as the cam will only be on when I am out and during this time the microwave will not be in use (unless you are referring to it actually permanently damaging the WiFi components inside the Wyze cam?..that would worry me).

This leads me onto my main concern of the “microwave damaging nearby devices, such as cell phones”. Given this I might try to find an alternative location. However, if I can’t I’ll place it on top of the microwave and report back in the future…I’ll let you know if it has survived or if the microwave has damaged it in some form.

I do love my Wyze Cams, and as I’m in Australia they do take a while to get here via post (and cost a little more as well!) so I am really keen to do my best to keep them in top condition.

Thanks again for the discussion - it has been very interesting!

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The Faraday Cage comment was in jest as the camera wouldn’t do much good inside of one, but hopefully you have a newer Inverter microwave as they are said to be better insulated for interference.

Thanks for clarifying - I did know it was in jest and had a good laugh - it was appreciated - trust me :grin:

I’ll report back on the inverter and interference.

Thanks for your help,

Pete :blush: