Pixel 2XL May Security Update - App Issue

Google pushed out the May 2020 update to Pixel phones this week. Immediately following installation, I have a perpetual notification stating “WyzeBeta is running, Tap for more information or to stop the app.”

I am unable to dismiss the notification and a solid circle stays in the notification bar.

I also have the may update, the persistent notification is due to the Wyze app, not the may update. You can temporarily get rid of it by long pressing the app, then app info, notifications, then turn off “downchannelservice” then turn it back on

Do you guys get push notifications on time on Pixel devices?

yes, but I have also disabled doze

To add another data point, I have a Pixel 2XL on the May 2020 security update and do not see this issue with the Wyze app. That said, I’m runnin the production/stable version of the app, not beta.

yeah I don’t think the persistent notification has been added to the production app yet

I was able to make it go away. I turned off notifications and then turned them back on. It’s either that or WyzeBeta was fixed in the last day with an update.

I started seeing this today on my Moto Z3 Play with android app 2.10.36, and on my wife’s Moto X4 with 2.10.72 Wyze android App. If you long press it, you can minimize it.
Neither of our phones are running beta versions, so it just says:
“Wyze is running Tap for more information or to stop the app”.
Is this a bug or a feature?
You can also force close it, but I doubt that is the right thing to do.

I was receiving the same thing on my Samsung S10E and followed suggestion posted here to turn notification off and then back on and it fixed the issue.
Thank you