Photos of light strip power wart and contoller

Looking for photos of the hardware so I can determine if they will work in my application…page only has fancy pants studio pics.

Can someone upload a picture of what I assume will be a power adapter and a controller?


Let me know if you need other Pics.

The Wall Adapter looks like this (Larger one in top Plug):

The Controller looks like this:

Awesome thank you!

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Thought I’d just add one more of the controller for scale. After seeing Spanomi4’s excellent pics, the controller looked quite large, and I had to go look to see how big mine is!

Thanks. Yours does look tiny compared to his! :joy:

Thanks for the scale.

To confirm: it appears that the wall wart is hardwired to the controller? Not able to be unplugged from each other?

Correct. All one tentacley piece.

Lol, good word.

Bummer tho, that puts me out. My application will require a separate power adapter. I’ve had good louck with some KASA devices…looks like their light strip will fit the bill.

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@anelson Well now…I don’t think I was at all correct, or clear. I didn’t look close enough. I’m really sorry about that. Both the power adapter and the light strip DO disconnect from the controller, just not right at the power adapter or controller.

Like this:

PS…this is the light strip pro, which is the only one I have.