Pet Friendly Smoke / CO2 Detectors

As a sales representative at a major big box store I
often receive requests for smoke / CO2 detectors that
do not emit a high pitched warning sound that scares
their pets … I did some research and found that lower
frequency sounds actually tend to wake persons better
than high frequency sound and do not terrify their pets

I also contacted a leader in the manufacturing of these
devices and they confirmed my findings however they
Stated the detectors would need to be physically larger
and where not interested in changing their size.

I think pet owners would be interested in having the
ability to purchase such a product.

I don’t get it. Your house is on fire and you’re worried your pets will be annoyed as you wake up and get them to safety?

When you need to test the devices, move the pets out of range. Why invent an entirely different detector?

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The NFPA also sets standards for what the sounds must emit, I am not sure what they are but I know there are some standards

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Well Jason I guess you need to be a pet lover to understand …….

And low frequency sounds won’t also “terrify” the pets for the period during which your proposed detectors are trying to wake you up and save your pets’ lives? Have you ever seen dogs during fireworks or thunderstorms? I find your idea preposterous and lacking in compassion.

In actual fact I am an animal lover who has a wired alarm system with a central toner …. the sound is more of a klaxon … we have two dogs and they are fine with this sound …. I am not suggesting a audio range that would irritate your pets …. If you do some research you will find that there is already a hardwired commercial product that is available that is used in boarding facilities…. and I must say that there is a huge difference between the sound of a fireworks or thunderstorm and the sound of a mid range audio toner …. My apologies for raising your concerns but I can assure you there are audio ranges that are not near as offensive to a pet as the current high frequency toners employed in most consumer brand detectors. Furthermore studies have also shown that as we age we hear mid range audio tones easier than higher ranges.

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