Pet detected announcements

I would like to be notified when a pet is detected via notifications & on Alexa,
As is, I have to go to view events & see if there were any pets detected. Would be good to be notified right away, when they’re still in the yard, not after the fact when I have to go searching to see if any was in the yard.
I’m notified right away via notifications & Alexa if a person’s detected, I do have device notifications for pets on all cams selected. But do not get pet notifications.
I do have Cam+.

[Mod Note]: Your request was moved to this category for better visibility in order for you to receive help from the forum community as your Cam Plus pet detection and notification request is satisfied by existing functionality. With regards to Alexa pet announcements, please comment on and/or vote for Add more Alexa Triggers.

Why did you do this? It’s a alexa & in app request for pet detected announcements. I do not see anything like that under what you put this link under… & I do not see my post under the link you provided! I’m not asking for help, I’m asking for a pet detected announcements, notifications. It’s a wish request.

Please define the following:

  • alexa pet detected announcements

  • in app pet detected announcements

“pet detected notifications” is current functionality.

That’s because you haven’t added it yet.

Alexa can announce when ppl are detected, so why can it NOT announce when pet is detected? I have notifications for person & pet, alexa only notifices me when a PERSON is detected, never a pet! I would like to be notified by Alexa, when a pet is detected.