Pet / child locator or tracker (GPS)

I know this isn’t top of the heap but I’d really like this included down the road. I’d certainly buy one because I trust your products. I hope many others agree.

Request for a portable GPS tracker that can be attached to clothing, a bag, a child, pet, with real-time alerts/tracking, geo-fencing, etc. and battery life that lasts up to a week, notifying you when it’s down to 10% or something. Audio monitoring would be nice, too.

And no monthly fees.


What @Dave.s said!


Yes! I’m currently trying to find one that I can put on my 83 yr old mothers car. My husband said don’t them folks from the camera on the fridge have that option? I said no if they did I’d have it already! Please think about doing a gps tracking device…one time purchase no fee.

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you can tracker with a google phone.
I just show mine dad about it and it will email him that I use mine computer.
Mint mobile has a cheap cell plan and slip a cellphone in her car. just turn off the ringer
There is obd gps plugs that slip obd plug and she will never know.
Become a Ham radio person then you can use and it is free to use.

I hope this helps. All you doing is piece of mind if something happens.
Not is free because you using cell sites.

here is a odb tracker that turn on when the car key is on for 8 dollars month. If you go with this is put a note on it to tell the machinic say check where mom I at only don’t tell her about it

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Thank you so much for responding back. I took your suggestion. We now have peace of mind It was so easy to set up and so affordable.


Please send me a message just to see if it works for you. I may have the same problem in the future too.

Just an update…this is working perfectly! Exactly what we needed! It gives me such great peace knowing where my mother is and I can get to her anytime if needed.

Thanks again for your help!!


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This is exactly what I’m looking for and I would love to buy it from a company I trust like Wyze.

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The pet tracker and the child tracker are slightly different in function. Pet Tracker I would recommend PetFon and Garmin (expensive but suitable for training dogs), which can be tracked by placing them on the pet’s neck. Trackers suitable for cats and dogs will also be different. For children, a watch-type tracker is the most suitable choice.

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i am a user of the wyze products and am wishing they would develope a wyze tracker, a gps tracking system

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Has Wyze looked at creating a GPS tracker for dogs with an app to track daily activity and rank activity level with local dogs that have the tracker like the app Tractive but at a much lower annual cost for the app. Love your products and would like to see Wyze expand into this area.


I’ve looking for a gps tracker and geofence for our dogs with training mode like a zapper, but avereything i find is $250+ per dog, theres cheaper but just dumb ones, if I had one dog would be that bad, but 3 dogs will add up $750+ theres some Black & Decker cool ones for $89.00 but dont offer zapper/training mode.

Would be awesome if wyze can have some nd integrated probably with other wyze devices some how or even a smart doggy dor? Well thats probably too much, will be happy with the dog gps tracker,/training device

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This needs boosted to the top! I need this! I need an accurate item locator that will tell them within feet how far I am from the item. “Its nearby” doesn’t cut it!! Apple is coming out with something in the spring, but I am a firm Wyze supporter and would buy from Wyze first!

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Pet GPS tracker is my top wishlist item from Wyze… Does any know if this is part of product line roadmap?

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I’ve unfortunately not heard anything, not even hints in that direction.

I could use a Pet Tracker and a tracking device for my son’s 4 wheeler so i know where he is and that he is safe.

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Agreed! Let’s do it!

Make it small enough for a kitty collar!