Wyze Buds and Buds Pro - GPS tracking for all loose parts similar to Apple AirPods Pro

Hello, I was chatting with someone from customer service who told me to submit in the wishlist my idea to increase the likely hold of finding missing devices/pods / small pieces that can emit what ever sound or indication to its “lost status” just to be found.

Just an idea. My fiancé lost his pros n I went searching everywhere for it. Turned out it was in laundry Pants. Just imagine how much time and energy I could have saved by going there first or being indicated via app/ connection is too where it’s at. I hope to see a lot of these wishlist add ons to be developed a lot. Great ideas :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:

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GPS tracking isn’t likely as it will require hardware changes. But Bluetooth location/tracking may be a viable option as a future enhancement. Good idea and I’d like to see this.


I would like to see SOME type of “find my buds” done, but untill then this setup has saved my sanity multiple times.



Very nice I’m actually gonna look it up so I don’t gotta do what I had already done and spend a whole day retracing footsteps taken. Thanks for the input on the idea anything more to add that could make this a thing in the future to be able to do or have… by all means add it on… I believe this company got a lot of potential for growth by getting the public involvement like this :wink:


Add Buds Pro to Apple’s feature for manufacturer bluetooth products on Find my Phone app

Apple added “find item” feature in the Find My iPhone app. Manufacturers can add bluetooth devices to be comppatible with the app. If you misplace or lose an earbud, a sound would play to the lost earbud and/or GPS locate last location of earbud on a map. Hopefully, a device update and not something installed at production, would allow Buds Pro to be a compatible bluetooth device on IOS. I previously owned earbuds that had this feature via the manufactuer app and it was extremely useful on more than one occassion.


Yes! I also spoke to a customer service rep who advised me to post here. These are so easily misplaced. I wish there was Bluetooth-enabled tracking available.

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Earbuds with locator in them

I’d love to see a feature that allows us to find earbuds like tile or airtags. It shouldn’t be hard, earbud cases already have a battery source and would just need Bluetooth low energy added into the case, and to add a tiny buzzer that would be louder than the headphones in the case would be if they were remotely activated to give off a sound.

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Wyze Buds Pro…I cant find them!

Hello WYZE enthusiasts. Today I was talking to another Wyze buds user who lost his set just like me. SO I got to thinking, can we put a locator ping inside the buds? Make it chirp or something silly like that? Its soooo easy to lose in the couch or forget in the laundry. How about a signal tracer in the app? I know what your thinking…that would cost more. Yep, and I am willing to pay for it so I can find my darn buds.

Let me know what you think.