Can the earbuds be tracked if lost

Does anyone know if the earbud can be tracked and pinged if lost like the apple airpods?

Nope. Unless you place say a Tile sticker on the case. :slight_smile:


Its Def a No for me. Why would you make earbuds and cant ping them. Typical Wyze always missing the mark :man_shrugging:t4:

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The majority of headphones can’t be tracked.

I have air pods pro that can be tracked , they’re connected to my iPhone and find my iPhone app. They will ping their location constantly and if I get far away from them I’ll get a notification on my iPhone showing their exact location last pinged

If you lose an ear bud you can play a sound that will come out of the ear buds , so yes it is possible to track earbuds. But they cost me $270 3 years ago… so I’m pretty sure wyze keeps theirs cheaper because it doesn’t have all that high end tech stuff to reduce cost .

I sad the majority can’t be tracked. I didn’t say it wasn’t possible.

I’m aware of Find My Action function and Hardware. I have multiple pairs of the current and recent AirPods and AirPods Pro.

It’s a very small audience that uses tacking and a good majority of consumers aren’t even aware such a thing exist or would know how to use ir.

Wyze core business is around the cameras and they’re still struggling with a web viewing system,

I just don’t want people getting the wrong impression that without tracking it’s a poor product and worth work looking at for any other reason.

Sorry for long post and rant. Just don’t want people put off unduly.


I don’t think it’s a very small audience that uses tracking tbh

And I don’t think anyone gets the impression that the wyze ear buds are a bad product because it lacks a tracking feature. I think users would like it in case they ever lose them but Wyze is known for reducing costs of items that competitors sell and that unfortunately means losing out on some features such as tracking but it would be nice. I definitely do appreciate having that feature for my air pods pro

I do plan on getting the wyze ear buds pro soon though