Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

Wyze is similar to Apple in that it plays its cards close to the vest. There is a valid reason for skepticism regarding their financial business practices

Remember "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity "

Nor should one confuse the two

Very true, but they are sometimes indistinguishable from each other.

Even doppelgangers have subtle differences

Wyze integrations as a strategic growth plan provides a much larger user base.
Is it in Wyze’s best interest to become HomeKit certified?

If Wyze wishes to integrate with HomeKit, I’m only aware of two paths;

  1. HomeKit certified through Apple channel, this is the “official” path, but I have NO expectations that this is achievable in Wyze’s foreseeable future. The Cameras would be issued a HomeKit ID, allowing user to simply open Home, scan barcode, cam feed is now viewable.
  2. This is the most probable path, it relies on the HomeBridge project. Using a “HomeKit Hub bridge”.
    It uses an intermediate “server/bridge” which presents your HomeKit with a master bridge that allows non official devices to be recognized by the HomeKit ecosystem.

I use the second path. HomeBridge project has two development chains that I evaluated, the HOOBS project and the HomeBridge plugin on home assistant.

I settled on home assistant plugin as I already run one.

Homebridge gives me control of all recognized devices in the HA, I use Eve and Home+ Apps as they allow control not exposed in the HomeKit controls.

This setup allows expansion of iOS control and would open Wyze to Apple users.

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So, Wyze has changed the app to not allow anyone with the Person Detection service to be able to sort events by videos with PD unless you have at least one cam with CamPlus (The Person filter option shows a lock on it)? I hope that’s a mistake, otherwise that’s pretty slimey. There are lots of people paying for PD, only to not be allowed to sort their events by PD, even through they’re paying for it? You can’t argue about something like that needing to be a CamPlus only feature, because it’s just a local filter/sorting option in the app to view what’s already there anyway. Allowing sorting by PD (for those who have the service) doesn’t cost Wyze any extra money. This is either an accident/oversight or a straight-up greedy pressure strategy (I’m really hoping it’s an oversight after all the positive good answers I heard in the AMA that made it sound like they’re not trying to pressure force everyone into subscriptions to be able to have reasonable use of devices).

On a related note, the filtering shouldn’t just be between motion or Person, but should also have options for filtering for Sound or Automation Events. Again, all of those events are there regardless, Filtering options are local on the app, so it’s kind of ridiculous to charge extra for an event filter, especially for people already paying for the PD service, not being allowed to sort to find their PD videos. I am REALLY hoping that’s an oversight…


Nah just a bug.

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I’m in the camp of “bug” created when trying to sort the logic for account types;

  1. The cheap seats get the $20 cam what else did you expect results.
  2. The begrudgingly accommodated honor your word group.
  3. $$$$

Depending on your categorization, you receive appropriate focus.

If you feel that you want more, then just don’t be a cheap sob.

Ah, thanks! I missed that. I didn’t notice that bug before now because I was in a “forced CamPlus Trial” so it was working fine. Now that it ended it cut me off, and it seemed out of character for Wyze to try to force payment of something that wouldn’t actually cost them anything to allow…

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Any bug resolution or status report?

Given the mass of users in the base here, it is difficult to see any movement or progress until you either stumble over it, or dig through looking for clues.

I did not hear anything in PD recognition in Alexa until I was debugging and found the ability.

In particular, any resolution to the PD on Alexa?

It started as a comical daily name change for the day. It’s now become a daily reminder that Wyze has yet to allocate any effort to resolve the cheap seat problems.

Slight of hand… “they said and they did”. Interesting policies that they’ve invoked. Most if not all are not customer friendly

Indicative of corporate edicts, or reflective of confusion and frustration?

Just to clarify 请 fix it

Too many variables that are hanging to settle on one…

As I said, dependability and truth… The road to success

What you are describing and the bug that @Customer is referring to are two different things.
I see the locked Persion button too. You can still set it in the filters section though. You also have to go into filters to remove it.
Not sure if it’s a planned annoyance for non CamPlus users or the button just isn’t working so they locked it.
Sound filtering is also available but Automated would be a nice option.
I’m using the beta app, is this in the production app too?


Are you assuming that no one has paid for person detection?

Well that’s peculiar. Those buttons are exactly equivalent to corresponding filter settings? Either an extension of the “bug” issue (still not really patched) or they’re still up to marketing tricks and treats.

Maybe related to the other bug? Did it only ask for CamPlus if you touched the button or did it happen using the filters page too?