Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

Wow, I did not realize until now that Cam Plus does NOT include a “person only” trigger for ONLY recording person detection events. So, (with no cool down period) for me that would mean I would practically be paying for continuous recording all day and all night long for every shadow and all other possible pointless movement detections. As I now understand it, CAM Plus actually gives you the person detection feature…YES…but it also includes recording anything else that sets off Wyze’s pixel changing algorithm. Eeek, thats a lot of junk recordings to weed thru every day…no no no. I hope they fix that.

No that’s not a problem for you. You can just filter by person in the Events tab.

The only way WYZE can detect people is to analyze all motion video clips after the fact.
Like @Customer said, you can filter the Events.

Oh I get it now and I totally forgot about the filter events feature. Yeah, I realize Wyze only detects people after the clip has been analyzed and sent to the cloud and then back. This I suspect is part of the caveat of delayed notifications. I always get such delayed notifications way after the person has left and driven away on my front porch cam.
I now have a different (non Wyze) camera that I have been using for a while that tells me someone is there the moment they get to the door to place down a package. In this COVID world and WFH my office and my desk is in clear view of all happenings at my front door so it is very obvious in my situation when notifications are delayed or not.

Unfortunately, Wyzes algorithm for person detection must rely on transportation of the image to their servers after the camera determines a pixel change… After analyzing the sent video, if it recognizes that there actually is a person detectable in the video then the servers send said video back to the Wyze software and proceed to notify you… Actually fairly quickly considering the steps involved… A very poor solution to the problem of person detection… They really need an on camera solution.

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Yeah I agree. I can only speculate and hope that the V3s or Pan V2s will have an on device solution for person detection but time will tell.

Something I just learned today that Wyze needs to address:

Person A can share the cams with their Spouse, but the spouse will be restricted from accessing PD. No sorting PD, no notifications from PD, etc.

Thankfully, it will still label events as PD, just not allow sorting or notifications for them, so the spouse can scroll through whole list of events (Up to 288 motion events per day per cam, plus all the sound and automation events on top of that… Times that by say 10 cams and you’re looking at up to 3,000 events to scroll through).

That really sucks! PD features are approved for all the cams on person A’s account, but even though it’s the exact same approved cam, using the same cloud storage, Wyze won’t allow the Spouse to get the PD notifications or sort them. It tells the Spouse to sign up for Cam Plus on that shared cam to get access to PD, etc, even though Person A is already paying for PD on all those cams.

Presumably that means that even with Cam Plus, a household is forced to pay for Cam Plus twice on the exact same camera if both spouses want access to PD and some other Cam Plus benefits.

Shouldn’t subscriptions just be on the device once? Instead of $1.99/cam, a family of 4 has to pay $7.96 per cam for each person using the same device to have access, even though they’re all sharing the same cloud account (the video isn’t uploaded by the cam 4 times afterall)? That’s ridiculous. Instead of $19.90 for ten cams on CamPlus, a household of 4 must pay $79.60 for everyone to have PD access to the exact same devices that were already being paid for.

And yes, separate accounts are necessary because the scale and band, etc require separate user accounts. I think Wyze should address this.


I am a legacy user who did not receive the email about being able to keep the Person Detection for no cost. I messaged support and received a link but I still can’t get signed up for Person Detection for free! Ive been trying to do this for weeks. What am I doing wrong?
[Mod Edit] HELP!

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We’re going to need more detail than that.

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Where are you stuck at?

At the payment amount section, did you click on the “custom” option and then enter $0?


I thought I would mention why I selected a lower amount than I had originally planned:

  1. The need to use a credit card to process a itsy-bitsy payment in a foreign currency every month. Accounting for the monthly subscription will cost me more than the subscription. I notice that there is an annual option for “cam plus”, but it is per camera.
  2. Weirdly-limited availability of Wyze in Canada. I can get some products through, but not all of them; and I (for some completely unfathomable reason) can buy cameras (but not sensors) at PetSmart.

If one or both of these were fixed, I would be willing to pay (a bit) more.


I would love to pay but will products become available in Canada? I can’t seem to find the full range of Wyze in Canada, except for a couple products sold by Amazon.i would love to buy direct from Wyze.

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I think it’s too late anyway.
The products that support Person Detection, V2 and Pan cams, can be purchased through Amazon.

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Hi guys, i m stuck at the payment amount section, did you click on the “custom” option and then enter $0.

I cant proceed. i even tried $0.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone can help? Cheers!

Yeah it’s programmed to deter you as much as possible from successfully picking $0. There is either a timer or a rule that requires you to click a different dollar amount before recognizing the $0. Disingenuous. Also might be too late now?

I signed up for this but I’m still getting emails to sign up for it? How do we verify our subscription?

Log into and it will show you if you have signed up

can i have person detection or is it too late

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Don’t know about others, but Wyze forced my hand. I had been offered the free person detection (having been here that long) - but I couldn’t take it in good conscious knowing the service costs them money…

However, I equally couldn’t bring myself to pay them even $1/month for the continually buggy software, and hardware limitations (read: no HomeKit).

What other choice did I have? Well, I replaced all my Wyze cams with Eufy. Then I did the same at my partners house. And so goes my recommendation to friends and family…they too will be replacing their cams.

I enjoyed my Wyze cams early on, and wish them the best and continued success. But really Wyze - I’m sure I’m not the only one you’ve lost. For the sake of your future, please do better.


@warriorprayers77 Welcome to the Wyze community! The “name your price” PD expired October 9th.

If you want person detection you will need to buy the Cam Plus subscription per camera. (Annual plan $14.99 for one cam.)