Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

My question is how does it work if I qualify for the pay what you want/can continuation of the promised free person detection, but i want the features of the cam plus (longer recording time and no 5 min break between recordings) on only 1 or 2 of my wyze cameras? how do i both sign up for cam plus on 1 or 2 cameras, but maintain the “free” person detection on the remaining wyze cameras?

You sign up for both. For 2 cameras you will need 2 Cam Plus subscriptions.
You assign the Cam Plus subs to the cameras you want them on in Account>Services>Cam Plus.
In Account>Services>Person Detection (Pilot) select the cameras you want PD on.
I’m not use if the Cam Plus cameras will be available in the PD list or not but it doesn’t really matter. Cam Plus is PD.


You and @HDRock should consider your selves fortunate! Just based on forum threads alone my situation is not unique. The motion sensor I spoke of was in the hallway leading to the bathroom. So it got a fair amount of traffic. The bridge was in a camera 15.5 feet away line of sight. (I measured with a tape measure) no intervening walls. :grin: It would turn the bathroom lights on when triggered. For 8-10 days, no issues. Then it would just stop working for varying amounts of time.

Over time I replaced batteries, sensor, bridge, V2 camera, power brick and power cord on the camera. No change in behavior.

The contacts were on metal framed windows. A common use case for contact sensors, they would just go offline fairly frequently and then just as often come back online. Notifications were often delayed.

In short not at all reliable over the long haul.

But some folks on here have never had an issue of any kind with their Wyze products of all types. So it is possible :wink:


I here ya
Oh, I have had my share of problems with them just day before yesterday restarted router, 2 lamps in the living room wouldn’t work with the app or Alexa until I switched them off and back on, the other 13 bulbs didn’t have a problem.
The most problems I’ve had with the sensors is getting them back working right after server issues, I didn’t mention that.


I didn’t mention earlier, but the camera that has the bridge for the motion sensors I tend to keep turned off in the app.

As you have no doubt noticed, off in the app is not really off.

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Warning to anyone with a non US Amazon account who want to use Alexa with Wyze .
Wyze appear to have restricted use to US accounts only, even if the devices are in the US and Amazon is used in the US.

Yes, but my thoughts were that the processor in the camera would not be using cycles to handle video and might then be more available to serve the bridge processing… might be wrong since I don’t have ability to look at the firmware… but worth a shot since I’m not really using the camera anyway…


I am honestly not sure. Sounds like a reasonable hypothesis to me.

Whether a ‘Wyze’ lover or hater, you cannot deny the obvious inconsistency of these products… Mine also work well for awhile and then inexplicably will go off-line and usually if I don’t intervene, they come back… No rhyme or reason… That, in particular

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Whether a ‘Wyze’ lover or hater, you cannot deny the obvious inconsistency of these products… Mine also work well for awhile and then inexplicably will go off-line and usually if I don’t intervene, they come back… No rhyme or reason… That, in particular is why I maintain reservations about the Company and their products. It saddens me because I really do like Wyze and am well invested in their products. That said, it is becoming increasingly difficult to support either or both…


Sounds like an infringement on our rights… Maybe??

I would not classify myself as either a lover or hater. Back when I bought my first two cameras I was seriously impressed. But that waned as I actually used the products day in and day out.

Now I know better than to use any of them for an important task. But they work just fine for casual use. Just never use them where you need to be able to rely on them.


I think it’s more Amazon than WYZE. You can either set up another Amazon account or just switch your Amazon device Kindle downloads to the US.
I have my cameras set up to use my Canadian Amazon account but any Kindle downloads would come from the US. I don’t use Kindle so it doesn’t matter to me.


Currently the only way you can verify if you have signed up is to check at


As far as I am aware it does not work with RTSP


WYZE wasn’t intending for people to keep using the version and removed components associated with it due to the agreement. I’d recommend signing up for the Legacy (name-your-price) Person Detection now to lock it in in case that stops working for you later


Currently they are not doing a yearly payment on this, it may be so they can see how much interest there is in doing this to see if it will cover costs. There is a #wishlist entry for this however if you would like to vote on it One Time Payment or Annual Option for all Cam Plus options - #5 by g3man

@cmartorelli @sompopo57

If you do nothing you will still get 12-second motion events with a 5-minute cool down with events saved on the cloud for 14-days


I will see if I can find an answer to that, but I am leaning towards yes

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Yes. There is a Cancel Service button at the bottom of the Account>Services>Person Detection (Pilot) page.

Although I don’t want to “unsubscribe” from the free Person Detection for 12-second event videos, I would be happy to turn it off for several of my cameras if such a capability existed. (Sometimes I would even be happy to turn it off for all my cameras - especially if it was easy to do by just toggling one “button” and as long as I could turn it back on — ie, my subscription was retained.)

I too had issues with the motion sensor and the contacts randomly going offline and the camera that the bridge was attached to had to be restarted quite often because the bridge would start flashing the blue light indefinitely. The camera with the bridge has a very strong wifi signal and the sensors were not far from the bridge. I eventually took them all down because I was tired of maintaining/monitoring them. For me they appeared to be fun plug n play devices but needed their reliability to be improved. Perhaps now that is resolved but I am not going to put them back up anytime soon.


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In the app, go to Account>Services>Person Detection (Pilot).
You can turn PD on/off for each camera.


Nice! and Done!