Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

I did not mean to offend anyone and the defensive stance taken directed at me was unnecessary. I apologize for posting my thoughts on this topic. I will not be posting again.

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That would almost indicate that you don’t see anything wrong with any of the decisions that Wyze has made

That’s not who I thought you were

Your voice and your opinion are valued

Sorry to not be who you may have thought I was. I was always taught to be true to myself and not strive to fit someone else’s expectations. :grinning:

At any rate your first reply indicates you misunderstood what I was saying and why so I am unsurprised you came to a different conclusion. But I do enjoy your contributions to the give and take.

I am very sure you did not offend anyone. I understand what you are upset about and can certainly sympathize with your feelings.

No worries on my end hopefully you find a way forward with or without Wyze that you find satisfactory.

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Absolutely! I even checked just now and @TeBa posted nothing at all that was provocative or controversial, just said he or she wanted a service they are arbitrarily excluded from. I was confused because I already block what must have been the more aggressive part of the conversation. Don’t worry about it @TeBa.

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Thanks! I admit to being confused myself. But all’s well that ends well.

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You made a statement and then decided to walk it back. I understand there may be extenuating circumstances and if this were the only time I’d be inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt but from what I read here and see, what you are doing with “Person Detection” isn’t any better than going back on your word. Your pages indicate that “Person Detection” won’t work with new Outdoor cam and suspect other new products will be excluded as well in an effort to move everyone over to Cam Plus.

You have decent cameras and I want to do business with you but at $2 a month PER CAMERA Cam Plus gets EXPENSIVE way too fast.


  • I’m still stuck with all the v1 Cams that you’ve basically turned your back on. The v2 camera has been around for quite some time. What happens when the v3 cameras come out?
  • Can “Name my price” for Person detection and the price includes all my v2 Cams BUT subsequent purchases of new, non v2 cameras, camera offerings are likely excluded AND heaven forbid that if someone breaks into my home I’m going to get coverage provided they are in and out in 12 seconds or less. It is okay, I can use an SD card in the camera. Provided they don’t take the card or camera.

I do want you all to be profitable and to succeed but lately I feel like you are just trying to throw as much at the market as you can to see how much money you can make. Folks have been asking for improvements to the existing products/services but from my perspective the focus is solely on new product development.

A simple example is users have been asking for a minor coding change to add a +/- minutes randomization feature to Rule start/stop times since the Wyze plugs were first introduced. It hasn’t manifested and is disappointing as presents a security issue for your customers. Nothing like having events run so regular that a crook can set their watch to it. Watch Home Alone. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but while I like your products, I feel betrayed.

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I’m currently using 1 camera to as to serve as a base for my use of motion sensors which control my stairway lighting. When I set that up I recommended that Wyse come-out with a stand-alone ‘hub’ for the sensors and not tie it to a camera. I’ve other outside cameras currently (Arlo) and have not ruled-out switching them out to the ‘then best’ Wyse model. But until then, I’ve no use for the feature, but feel I need to subscribe to it at $0.00 cost so as not to lose access in the future. At that point I’ll consider a monthly fee…when I begin using it.

Thanks for the reply Bruce, I enjoy the back-and-forth also even though sometimes I mistake things that I read I generally try to make certain I understand before I reply. That doesn’t always work for me though

What I don’t understand is how Wyze can continue forward in the way they’re going in view of all the comments made about the products not functioning as advertised or functioning for a while and then mysteriously quitting or promising one thing and then changing that promise later. I don’t think that’s necessarily a great business plan and I think that it generates a lot of hard feeling with their customer base.

I think the products are basically ok. Are there issues? Yes, but they seem to be constantly trying to make the experience better for everyone. Firmware and app updates are pretty frequent and the majority are process improvement not new features.

The issues they have are pretty common for WiFi devices. A lot of folks here say, “I have 20 other WiFi devices that work just fine it’s just Wyze.” But if you go to, say Rings forum, you will find people there who say “My 20 dollar Wyze cam works fine and my 200 Ring cameras suck, what gives?”

So I would put a lot of the issues down to WiFi and not the devices. In my case at one point I had around 15 Wyze cams, 2 sense bridges, 8 contacts and 2 motion sensors. I had all sorts of issues. Now I have 1 Wyze cam and 5 Eufy cams and no issues with Wyze or Eufy.

If I had to guess I had too many WiFi devices in total and it showed. For months now my lone remaining Wyze cam has worked well, as have my 5 Eufy cams.

I will say the Wyze Sense sensors and bridges suck big time. And I think they know that and that’s why they are replacing them. The contact and motion sensors I replaced my Wyze Sense with all work flawlessly.

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Which are branded from? :slight_smile:

The contact sensors I am using are from Eve and the motion sensors are from Onvis. I also replaced about 15 Wyze Plugs with ones from Meross. The one or two Wyze light bulbs I had I replaced with Hue bulbs (although I will probably start switching to LIFX for bulbs).

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Cheap and works is great. Cheap and does not work is a false economy.

Indeed (and thanks). I still haven’t cracked open my Wyze bridge and sensors and am beginning to wonder if I should bother. So many reports of trouble.

I guess I have to though - I already bought the special split USB power cable I’m hoping will avoid issues.

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My experience with Sense was you had to power cycle (not just restart) the camera with the Bridge at least twice a day. In my case each camera with a bridge was plugged into a Wyze plug. Every 6 hours those plugs were turned off for 5 minutes. This seemed to minimize the issues, but it did not totally fix them.

I would open a window with a contact sensor and the light blinked but no event of notifications would happen. An hour later long after the window was closed again I would get a notification that the window was open.

Similar issues with the motion sensors. For 8 days it worked just fine. Then it would not detect motion at all. Or detect motion when there was none. Weird.


That’s strange, I don’t seem to have any of those issues, I had some problems with them starting out , that was short lived , and then I have had to power cycle the bridge and camera 2 or 3 times since I have had them, I did have some where the battery died and they would no longer connect, not cool, other than that the sensors just keep working


I guess I’m another lucky one. All my sensors have worked great from the start about 17 months now. I would say 96% of the time they’ve been very dependable. Rarely have to restart my cam with the bridge. I really hate to hear that others have had such a poor experience. :weary: