Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

It took me a minute to figure out who Tony Cham was. :slightly_smiling_face:
What’s the differece between trusting WYZE and trusting tinyCam?


Hey, if the app works for you, then I would keep using it. That’s all that matters is if a product or service works for you, then keep using it. I’m still looking for a third-party app that will work with the Wyze cameras.

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I’ve discovered in no longer receiving notifications of PD for my cams which are still on xnor PD.

The app (android and iOS) still show the person detected but no notifications are sent.

Cams with latest firmware and cloud PD get notifications sent.
I’m on old android app and latest ipados app.

Anyone else ?

I haven’t updated some of my cam’s firmware because I’m not at the location to fix any update problems.

Same here. I think Wyze broke it with recent server changes.

Whoa I just realized I haven’t gotten ANY Wyze notifications in days. I checked the notification log in Android to make sure. Neither PD nor ordinary motion alerts.

Same here, no cam notifications. I get other notifications (motion sensors, contract sensors), just not from cams, though I was able to go see the events in the app, so it’s recording okay, just not notifying. Luckily I have motion sensors to warn me when it fails.

Had to look up the right version of Hanlon’s Razor - Don’t ascribe to malice what can be plainly explained by incompetence.

Do you think this is intentional that the older app versions (or somehow firmware versions?) are no longer notifying but are otherwise working?


I don’t rule it out, but I think it was unintentional. They’ve had lots of notification issues with other products in the recent past: “is left open/closed” notifications on sensors were a problem for a while and now they fixed that, but broke these notifications. I expect it will get noticed and fixed. I mean, the PD processing is still happening on my cams with latest firmware (it shows correctly if I manually go to events), just not the notifications for it. I’m sure they’ll update soon if they notice the issue.


Update: ( still no definitive conclusion)
After noticing lack of updates and persons detected in events…
I took a camera V2 and installed last xnor firmware.
No PD notificatuons.
I updated to latest firmware
And PD notifications came through to old android and latest ipados apps.
I downgraded the camera firmware
No notifications
On old android app I noticed that movement notifications were OFF. Turned them on and movement and PD notifications started.
On iPad app turned movement OFF and left PD on
No notifications.

Conclude that your reports are correct and Wise have disabled PD from xnor firmware.


The PD events are there in the app and in fact much more accurate than they ever were before. Just no notifications (either PD or regular motion). I double checked the settings and the main screen toggle.

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Well that’s a really dodgy move. Why disable notifications for existing person detection when the detection is done on-device. Except to push everyone onto the paid product.

Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long. From a business financial perspective they are risking a lot by continuing to provide notification services for It’s my understanding that they were required to stop providing for it by early this year when Apple officially owned it. Continuing to reward people to use Apple’s proprietary coding without permission could subject them to some business-ending litigation. It’s not that customers used or kept the firmware, but they allowed that firmware to connect to their servers and send notifications through their servers back to your phone, etc. The PD is local, but the notifications are not, which means they are still actively using proprietary coding they were expressly forbidden to support anymore, meaning they are violating that agreement by allowing their servers to continue giving notifications for the things this code does. Apple could destroy them then buy them up and swallow them.

If I was a consultant for Wyze I would’ve counseled them to stop allowing notifications for PD the minute Apple officially the code. It’s a huge risk, and even if they could defend themselves they’ll bankrupt themselves in litigation against a giant. Microsoft and others used to do this to competitors especially back in the 90’s. You don’t have to be right to destroy someone and win by bankrupting them in litigation… But in this case they probably have a good case to make against Wyze for continuing to profit off them by providing the non-local server issued push notifications based on the findings.

IANAL, just a businessman giving his 2 cents


Disregard if this idea has been discussed…This forum has 673 postings as of now, I jumped from about 200 to the recent posts.

Another option to consider:

*establish a PD ‘on viewer’ mode within the app which can be active for specific cameras.
*‘PD mode’ cameras auto download & store all the 12 second motion clips
*PD logarithm and processing performed on the phone clips ‘post event’
*‘PD on viewer’ option will consume user data and device resources, but remain free
*make PD mode only on WiFi an option

I am not part of the 1.3M early user group. I have only 3 cameras and have been extremely satisfied until reviewing the firmware release notes, which lead me here seeking additional information. Had the $2/mo Cam plus subscription been part of the marketing of these cams in 2019, I would likely have passed on Wyze.

Cloud computing is cool and awesome, but planning to utilize/consume cloud resources for a free/no revenue service should have never made it past the discussion phase.

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For those wondering about Wyze V2 ($26-ish with shipping) v Eufy indoor ($39.99 w/shipping) side by side, here’s an interesting view of the same event of a Raccoon visiting my porch with both cams side by side through my front window:



Granted, both have a glare at night from the window that isn’t a problem in the day time… This night footage of the raccoon was just more exciting than just flowers swaying. (No IR active)

Free Local PD has been 100% with the Eufy so far too. Sometimes it recognizes my cat as a pet (if he enters the screen from the right side).

You can kind of see my Wyze motion sensor taped in black sitting on the right bottom horizontal rail (bottom middle of the screen in front of the middle big post)… It points across my porch, slightly toward the door. If I mount it higher it only detects people, but I wanted it to also announce when my cat wants to be let in, so I keep it lower.
This helps catch Wyze’s missing notifications from not noticing or from the cool-down delay from swaying flowers. Because of the 5 minute delay for notifications the sensor was necessary, It told me something entered my porch tonight and I saw the raccoon. I guess something like this is a nonpreferable option for people who don’t want to pay for PD… But at least it is an option of sorts. You can have the sensor force a cloud recording Everytime without the cool-down delay. Currently, such events show up as “automation” instead of “Person” “Motion” or “Sound” in cloud events, but at least it works if you are looking for a potential Wyze-only solution.


I think it’s pretty clear, you can’t answer the second question until you can answer the first. So saying you don’t have an answer yet is the full answer? Did I misunderstand something? :thinking::crazy_face:

It’s still interesting on two points. First, they appear to have locked out ALL notifications from the firmware, even those having nothing to do with Xnor. Second, they apparently timed this in concert with the formal release of “CamPlus”. If it were for legal defense reasons alone I would have expected them to kill firmware functionality long before now.

I am in Canada using CAM Plus trial so technically (part 1) yes international users can use it.
All I can assume is that WYZE hasn’t mastered the skill of receiving money from sources outside the US. Too bad, it’s a handy option for businesses.
She wrote and answered her own questions, there was no need for ambiguity. :grin:

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So I got Cam Plus working. You know Person Detection still does not work right. I tested on the indoor cam. Remotely turned the lamp on while I was upstairs. Got an alert of a person on that cam. I wasn’t even anywhere around that cam and I know there wasn’t anyone in the house. This is going to be a hassle the two bundled together like this if we keep getting false positives. Hence the reason why I never liked PD and just stuck with CMC.

Sorry I really am not impressed with PD and I wish there was a way to turn that function off or give us that option in a future update.

Well technically they are only sort of in Canada so as the saying goes YMMV. Which is kinda the very embodiment of ambiguity. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Funny how so many individual eBay sellers seem to handle it no problem…