Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

I really do not care about it that much either, though I am sure some do.

I would have probably recommended making it free for all accounts up to the date of this announcement. Lots of people since November 2019 joined Wyze with the belief of free person detection. It was an important factor for me in going with Wyze over some competitors. The availability has been seen publicly this whole year too (that’s how I found out about it and chose Wyze). Not continuing that for everyone else who bought in with the same understanding as the Nov 2019-ers could be a potential cost worth considering as being worse than just offering person detection free to everyone up to the time of the official announcement that it may now no longer be free.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand it actually costs money to do it, and there is now a lot of pressure from recent “investors” who demand high returns, so Wyze has to figure out how to increase profits to pay off the investor demands now too…

Hopefully the volunteer system works out okay to balance things enough. It’s a tough spot to be in… Especially when past court decisions have sometimes been inconsistent.

I’ll probably chip in to help out. Might wait on buying any more cams until we see what the prices will actually be in September.


@lowe.brian, we’re sorry for the disappointment and understand where you’re coming from. We’re still going to be adding new features to our products. We’ll be careful when selecting which ones have subscriptions.

@8043c9b245a0d18ab05c, I’ll share this with the team! Though I believe we discussed both of those suggestions earlier. It’s neat seeing them come from the community, too. :slight_smile:

@dteck04, we hear you and we’re sorry. We’ll be VERY careful with future promises and making sure that we plan for paid features to be that way in the future. We don’t have plans to impact the base function of your Wyze products (such as viewing ads before viewing the stream). For the WiFi issue, have you contacted customer support? There’s definitely something funky there and we’d like to help resolve it.

Wyze Customer Support

@glfiske, we’re looking into Edge solutions but can’t make promises yet. is very good at what they do and that’s probably why they picked up Apple’s interest! :slight_smile:

@cmartorelli, yes, your Wyze Cams will continue to function as they do now if you do nothing (other than the features we’ll be adding with future app and firmware updates). :slight_smile:

@carverofchoice, I’ll be sure to share this with the team. Thank you for the advice and considering chipping in. :slight_smile:

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And Wyze then decided to launch its outside camera without knowing the costs of running the services which came with the camera?



I just saw this email. Not sure how I feel. I am going to be subscribing all my cameras to CamPlus which will be giving Wyze some extra money. I don’t know how this will actually work. I mean your basically just asking for people to donate money and hope they do. If this doesn’t work I really hope you don’t start charging subscriptions for person detection. It was said to be free so…


@WyzeGwendolyn Here’s an idea… put Person Detection on the camera like did. No Person Detection cloud costs. Problem solved


I’m with you. If I have to pay a subscription fee to operate, then I’ll probably start looking at other options. I can put up with the bugs and quirks when it’s a one-time purchase, but having a ongoing fee, I just will not tolerate a continual “beta” product.


We’re trying to find ways to avoid charging for person detection with people that received that promise last November. We are looking into Edge solutions but they are tricky and we don’t know what that would look like at this point.

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In the latest newsletter that just sent out talking about Person Detection… what is the average cost/user (this would help people gauge how much to pay for the free subscription). PS — we love this idea, though kinda need to get a concept… like $1 or $3/month? Or is it like $50?


I don’t think the outdoor cam has person detection at all anyway (that’s my understanding), so this issue should be irrelevant to it and why they’re able to launch it regardless of this issue’s resolution.

If it does have person detection, will someone please correct me?

Wyze make a big subscription service that could cover some costs. $15/ month. 5 cameras with CamPlus and Emergency Button


Wait, I’m going to subscribe to CamPlus so when the September update arrives that means I don’t lose person detection right?

How about make one big subscription service for $10 a month that gives everything rather then all those seperate services.


I hope so…

@WyzeGwendolyn if we are subscribed to CamPlus were good right?


Yes, the Cam Plus subscription will have both CMC and Person Detection. :slight_smile:

The outdoor camera doesn’t have person detection yet though we’re working on it.


I have the same question. Let’s say half of Wyze users payed a monthly fee out of the goodness of their heart. How much would that need to be in order to keep Wyze going? @WyzeGwendolyn

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Wyze will you make a video about this like you do a lot so that we can more clearly under what’s going on? I’m still a little confused about this…

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We’ll be sending out more info later. This was just the first bit to make sure we didn’t give anyone an unpleasant surprise right when changes were happening. If you have questions, post them here and I’ll share them with the team!

For your finance question, I think that the math isn’t quite that straightforward and I don’t have that answer.


Thank you for that information


Why does person detection cost more than regular detection. If I didn’t have person detection I would still get the event recorded, and put in the cloud. So, how is eliminating it going to save Wyze money? Am I missing something.