Person Detection Now Locked

I am a Canadian citizen and had registered for person detection on all of my V2 cameras including a pan camera and it was working however now it has a lock symbol and is no longer accessible. Why? please advise!

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Could you please take a screenshot of the page your seeing? I haven’t seen it before.
What person detection were you using before?
Was it the “person detection pilot” program? That was discontinued.

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It’s either a bug or disingenuous upselling, depending how much you trust Wyze’s intentions. You can still use the filter icon instead to see PD events. Some discussion at:

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@UserCustomerGwen can you ask about this?
I’ve emailed support but didn’t get a response.

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Above are screenshots of the what I am seeing and the email in which I responded to to activate the person detection service. I actually chatted online with support yesterday and after 30 minutes or so it was left as a problem that they said would follow up on via email… The support rep made no mention of the pilot program being discontinued. If the program is discontinued then that would be disingenuous upselling in my opinion and I would never refer another friend or buy another product from WYZE again as I already have about 5 or 6 of the V2 cameras and one pan.

Well it’s no longer a “pilot” since they started optionally charging for it. If you signed up for legacy user person detection you should be able to use the filter icon to select person. Also, if you downgrade your app version on Android the regular Person button should work again. It does for me on an old version.

It doesn’t look like @chris.j.lasso has. Unfortunately, the deadline has closed for this. You can sign up for Cam Plus if you have a US credit card. The Pilot person detection is most likely the cause of this issue.
There was a whole explanation on this awhile back here:

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Okay. But he or she said they did respond and sign up for the offer?

I responded to the email sent above and signed up and had the person detection working as per the date of the email noted above October 2nd… Is this not considered signing up for the legacy version?

Honestly, this is starting to to sound like a disingenuous upselling offer in my opinion and like I mentioned above if such is not rectified I would never refer another friend or buy another product from WYZE again when it is time to upgrade the 5 or 6 of the V2 cameras and one pan that I already purchased I will look to another brand and make it know via all my social media.

Thank you customer for your replies… I have now used the filter now to show person detection via my cameras and it appears to now have removed the locked icon that appeared on the events page and allows me to see person detected videos via version v2.15.21 of the app.


You’re welcome, great to hear. I think the other posters said it comes back locked again after a restart though? :frowning:

The button is still locked. You can’t see the lock icon because it’s the same color as the active button. See how the word Person is offset to the right not centered?
You can’t unselect with the button, you have to clear the filter.

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I just noticed my person detection has the lock and haven’t been working since November 4. That was the last time i saw it in the events. I opted out of the beta program around the same time. Logging in and out doesn’t seem to fix it,

The filter still works, just the button is locked.
I’ve asked Wyze why through support and through this forum via @UserCustomerGwen but have not received a response yet.

It seems after the 4th, I don’t get any person events in the notifications as well as the fitler button being locked. Normally, I’ve been receiving the person events, the button at the top just allows you to filter the person events. I should at least be getting person events showing up.

I also had issues with my sense door/motion. I had deleted them and re-added and got 2 of them back up on 02-NOV. and I just noticed that the events also haven’t been updated since the 4th of November. So, I’m thinking something happened on that day and now my person/sense both aren’t working.

Actually, you are right… person detection still working… just the filter is locked. And my sense also broken still…

The filter button is locked. The filter itself is still available through the filter icon. Funnel, top right.

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