Person Detection not working

Hi there, I am new to the community and am trying to learn as I go. We have had the Wyze Pan camera installed overlooking the garage for about a week now, with person detection turned on, there are tons of motion detections done of the passing by cars but none for ‘person’.

Also, with the detection zone turned ON and focused just on the driveway, I still get all the motion notifications for the vehicles passing by on the road at the end of the driveway which is part of the view of the camera but not in the detection zone.

Summarizing here: Person Detection not working, and Detection zone is not working

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.


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Have a driveway camera and located within walking distance to 2 schools. With all that foot traffic, I get to test person detection a lot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Most times when it actually detected a person, the subject is out of my detection zone. IOW, don’t rely on it.

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Thank you for the info and sharing the details. I was hoping that it would trigger when the person comes into the detection zone, and record the event. I do have continuous recording on with 32GB memory card, but that lasts less than a week

The camera can actually use a higher-capacity SD card. The only limitation that I’ve seen is when flashing firmware; it really has to be 32gb or less.

At night, headlights may cause cars outside of the “detection zone” to trigger motion events. But mine faces a busy street, and I never have problems with cars triggering motion during the day.

As for person detection – Have you never successfully gotten a person notification? There’s a 5-minute cooldown between events, so if a person comes into the frame within 5 minutes after ANY another motion event, it won’t give you a notification. So that may be the issue you’re running into.

Do you have motion tracking turned on? (The green box that highlights motion) If so, that will show you what’s triggering the motion on the camera. If your detection zone is properly configured, the green box will never show up outside of your detection zone. If you defined it too close to the edge, you may see a small green box starting right at the edge of your detection zone. If so, you probably need to make it a little smaller.

That’s what I had assumed. But even with Motion Tagging enabled, my green box is still everywhere.

Found this a few days ago…

Interesting. In practice, this is definitely NOT how it works on my camera. It’s very clear that the green boxes end at the detection zone, because headlights that start OUTSIDE of the detection zone get highlighted only within the detection zone.

I wonder if they changed that behavior and failed to update the support page

My comment was from my Pan experience. I just tested with my V2, it works as you say. Only within the Detection Zone.

Seems the Pan and V2 work differently?

Ah, that’s certainly possible. I didn’t even think of that. I don’t have a Pan Cam to compare/contrast. But as you can see in the video below, highlighting (on the V2 at least) does not occur outside the detection zone.