Person detection not working with 180 rotation

I mounted a camera on the ceiling and set a 180 rotation, but no person is detected.
Has anyone run into the same problem?

Hi, @dusongpei. Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: Did you have the camera working and detecting people beforehand?


I’ve had 4 person detections on 2 different 180-degree rotated V2s as recently as 2 days ago. So I agree with @StopICU33, check your settings and the do’s and don’ts in his link. Also his question - did it ever work?

Another caveat is Person Detection doesn’t work yet with “Smart video alerts” (sensor alerts). There is also a 5-minute cool down between regular camera pixel motion alerts, which person detection is based on.


Just to add I repositioned a camera earlier today and inverted 180 and have been getting person detection all day. I would also look at the angle the cam is seeing the area in question.


I just did a few tests using another camera and the person detection worked. I’ll double check the angle and position of that camera.
Thank you all!


You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: