Person detection on inverted mode

Hi every one… does person detection works when 180 degree inverted option enabled?

Doesn’t work for me… any reasons?

No problem with the pan cam in my garage. The person detection is working great.

Welcome to the Wyze community Antonyjohn1. :+1:

Person detection works fine for me too with Rotate Image 180 turned on.

Did you test your cam in regular mode (Rotate Image 180 turned off) to see if Person Detection is set up correctly before inverting it?

It worked fine in normal mode. Let me recheck… thank you all for support

One thing to try is the all powerful camera restart to make sure the camera gets its settings refreshed after you set the 180.

I have a V2 and a Pan both detecting people in the 180 degree position.
I also have a V2 that only detects people when they are walking outside the set detection zone so your mileage may vary. :slight_smile: