Person detection nor motion detection are correct

I really really really wish you would fix your detection zones. I’m literally getting a notification every 5 minutes. Person detection is detecting no persons at all. Motion detections are detecting people. Even if I just choose a single square in an area of detection that nothing moves I literally get detections randomly all over the zones. This has without a doubt stop me from buying more cameras within the last month.

I’ve noticed the same thing, too! I’m not exactly sure, but at least 3 weeks ago or more, I started getting a lot of false positives. Tree leaves swaying, cars driving by, would trigger person detection when before, it used to not do that. AFAIK, no false negatives yet, as in, people are still captured as detected as people. But A LOT more false positives now. Then, about a week ago, on my garage camera, the lights turning on (which are often associated with people coming into the garage) are now triggering person detection (even when there’s no person in the frame). PD used to be pretty reliable. It has significantly regressed.

Changing detection zones seems to have no impact, objects outside of the detection zone still trigger PD.

I’ve filed numerous support tickets and it’s just… crickets…

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Ive always felt like the motion detection is pretty dumb on these compared to Arlo. I have tiny motion detection zones and the lowest sensitivity and I still get a ton of false positives.

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