Wth happened?

So I have two cams.one facing the front door entrance and one facing the yard entrance.they were on the fw before the latest.somehow people detection was working 100% no false alerts.then it tells me to update.ok I update and people detection is gone.ok so I pay $15 for the year for the front door cam.omg it made it worst.i get alot of false alerts.it gives me motion n people alerts.wth is going on?

I’m surprised this forum isn’t full of complaints about this. Forget just person detection, one of my cameras has both false motion and person alerts at least once a day. I set motion tagging on to see what it was being triggered and in many cases there’s nothing happening, and others, simple light changes that didn’t trigger in the previous version.

Every time I get a false alert I send it to them by clicking OK to “Submit this video to Wyze to help research” - I hope somebody there is taking notice and that this will be fixed in the next version. In case it’s not, I’ve already downloaded the prior firmware. Chatting with support was a waste of time as the agent had no initiative.