Person Detection improved after clearing cache

Everything was sweet…so impressed with cameras and how well they worked…have 2 V3 and one V2… The V3’s are outside in sub-zero temps here in Minnesota…and they do fine.

But, all of a sudden person detection was spastic…vehicle detection the same.

I cleared the cache…no more problems.

My two outdoor cams are near a busy street, and even though I eliminated it from the detection area headlight shadows and large vehicle motion register…A LOT.

Not sure if anyone else has found this problem/remedy…but if this sticks it’s a simple fix…

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I have also seen that clearing the cache seems to resolve some issues. That is a standard process I have - periodically clear cache from the app. I use Android, so I also do a force stop of the app and clear Cache there as well.

Uhhh, how does that work? Notifications are OS level. The person analysis takes place in the “cloud”. The motion detection and upload take place on the camera.

How does clearing the app’s cache change any of that?

(Heck I normally don’t even USE the app. Just TinyCam and Alexa announcements.)

Edit: just realized the mobile notifications must be initiated via the app running in the background, so never mind?

I use Android as well. But tell me, what does a force stop of the app do? Does that clear out old “bits” left from previous updates? And, if I perform a force stop do I just reopen the app, or do I have to download it all over again?

Thanks…be well, happy and peaceful…

I don’t know the nuts and bolts of the fix…I found this info somewhere on line pertaining to another app…thot I’d try it.

So far so good…

Be well, happy and peaceful…!

My understanding is that a force stop will remove all items of the app from memory as if you have not started it. Once you do this, and go back into the app, it will load itself into memory again. Similar to rebooting the device, but easier. You don’t have to download or reinstall the app.

I clear the cache at times as it could get to large or corrupted. Clearing the Cache will ensure cached items are refreshed. Some individuals have reported clearing the cache helps with the notifications, I also have experienced this, but it could be a simple perception thing. But just clearing the Cache within the app does not seem to clear the Cache with in the Android OS. So I do both, Clear Cache from within the app first then shut the app down. Then clear the app cache from the OS itself. When you go back in, everything will start as if it was a new install.

I will indicate this on notifications which I have no answer for. I test on a Pixel 5, Pixel 6, and iPhone Xs. I am noticing that the Pixel 5 is at least 5 seconds slower in notification than the other phones. The Pixel 6 seems to alert faster on average over the iPhone. What is interesting to me is the following: I have the Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 setup exactly the same on the same Android 12 OS. But yet the Pixel 5 is normally the last to notify when sitting them next to each other.

I am not sure clearing the cache actually helps with the overall notification or Person detection. You are absolutely correct that the AI processing happens in the cloud. I believe clearing the Cache actually free’s up space and additional processing when determining the use of Cache, saving to Cache etc.

I make it a habbit to at least clear the cache after a Firmware or app update,

Clearing the cache seems to allow for a quicker load times of Camera’s. In addition, I have noticed that I do get more consistent notifications. It may be that the app is trying to load something in Cache before a notification is provided and the larger the cache, the longer it takes. :man_shrugging: Not sure on this, but it could be a simple perception. :slight_smile:

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I’ve found that things are moving more quickly after I cleared the cache.

Thanks for the time you’ve give this…

Be well, happy and peaceful…


You do the same. Glad things are working better.

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