Person Detection Fail

Here is an example of where Person Detection seems to fail. The two videos are not even an hour apart. One is a PD clip, one is a Sense motion detector clip. From the same camera. Second one did not trigger either a motion event or a Person Detection.

I find it’s so inconsistent.
I thought my driveway camera was doing person detection fairly well but today I experimented with it.
It seems to either detect people or nothing at all. So I’m not getting false PD, I’m not getting any detection. :slightly_smiling_face:


Since Wyze manage all detections at their servers (somewhere in this planet) and NOt in V2 cam.
I suspect, they might be modifying the detection alogrithm at their end.
so the Detection may be Turned off by Wyze temporary.

Guess what…
This morning I do not see my Mailperson 12 sec clip.
Turns out, my neighbor’s cat triggered the v2. so we got cat. but mailperson came by 2.5 min after.
I can see Mai person in Review. but no 12 clip. It seems all because of the 5 min cool down. We will miss lots of motion detection if it is very clise event.

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