Person detected - separate notification

Would like the ability to have a separate louder alarm for a person alert. Sometimes it’s just the wind blowing or a bird a normal alert is okay…

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Wouldn’t it be easier just to disable non-person notifications? Otherwise not a bad idea, although different alert sounds are apparently an OS issue.

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I don’t seem to have that setting… But I do have person detection working… Guess I need to dig around a little more lol

Turn off all other motion events in the notification settings…

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The only notification is for motion and sound. Person detection notification is more specific and critical.

If you are using CamPlus there are settings for person, vehicle, pet, package, etc. for each camera.

Yes but there is no trigger actions for those.

What trigger actions do you need. You mean like these:

Yes, I want to send notification for three of these. Then I won’t get notification for all motion and sounds. This would be done using trigger actions.