Person and Vehicle Tagging

A minor issue, but when I turn on person and vehicle tagging the date and time stamp goes away which it should. Switching to another camera then back to the original I noticed the tagging option switch indicates it is turned off even though it is actually turned on.

From the Beta notes, “We temporarily turned off motion tagging, the Wyze logo, and the timestamp when the feature is on. This is for testing only to collect clean videos with customer’s permission.”


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With p&v tagging when I send feedback… I have a vehicle parked in my driveway and a person (me) walks up the driveway how should that be categorized? Person and vehicle because there is a vehicle in the picture… also, at night I live on a corner and headlights set it off even if the vehicle is not in frame… how should that be categorized?


I just installed the beta firmware and app Android for person/vehicle detection. The p/v option is on in advanced settings. I only get motion notifications. Should I see vehicle notification when a car goes by, a person notification when a person goes by?

The detection triggers are still determined by your detection zone, and if settings are such, you’ll get notifications as you did before for any movement, regardless of it being a pet, shadows, person, etc. The algorithm they are trying to improve will attempt to identify if a vehicle or person was detected, even if that is not what triggered the motion. (E.g., if camera is on your parked car, and a bird swoops in front of the camera, you will get motion notification, and it will also identify that vehicle was detected, even though the vehicle didn’t move. Hopefully at some point in future we can configure to only notify if person, but that’s not there yet.

So if said bird swoops in front of the camera, triggers a notification video and I were to classify it… would it be considered none… even if vehicle was in driveway and in view? Also what about things that are not in detection zone? Car goes around corner at night, lights hitting my driveway trigger a video and car goes by on camera… outside the detection zone. How would I classify that?

Identify any person or vehicle in the frame (not just detection zone), regardless of whether it was in motion or triggered the detection. The zone controls when the motion detection gets triggered, but they’re asking us to tag any time person and/or vehicle is in the camera view (entire frame)… stationary or moving. So you would still tag the vehicle just sitting there, out of the detection zone, if it’s in the camera frame at all.

Ok, sounds good. Thanks for the clarification.