Perching room only

Two more eggs and the Sparrow and make a mini omelet :astonished:


You are voraacious, a virtual gaping maw! :wink:

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This is better

[Mod Note]: Audio removed per OP request.


OMG that audio is horrendous. yikes

Want me to strip it out?

Also, check you cam settings. Looks like 360p or your connection is bad. Especially when comparing to your previous videos.

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That is an outdoor camera about 75 feet away from the closest WiFi node. No sense trying to push HD or SD because it breaks up even more.

The bluebird house cams are v3.

Nuke the audio please.


Understood. Audio stripped. :+1: Great viewing angle and gorgeous bird! :smiley:

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Mealworms arrived alive this time

These are what mom bluebird prefers like my wife loves Ferraro Rocher

The single chirp is a bluebird


Messy messy sparrow’s nest

I am hesitant to clear it out because the sparrow might remove the bluebird eggs in the other house and claim it.

Any suggestions?

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No, but that’s a swell photo. The sun (high)lighted grass is in sharp focus, to my eye. Looks great blown up. :slight_smile:

Anytime I see the sparrow in the house it gets a siren blast. 105 decibels in a box has to be annoying. Most times the sparrow will leave the box.

I have an old ultrasonic pest deterrent gadget that has a bird setting. Loud, short and sharp for birds is what I remember, though I never really used it for that.

That’s roughly the conclusion I came to with all the settings - annoying, but able to be endured if better options are limited or a food source is compelling enough (with us it was fig trees.)

I’m breaking’ outta this joint. You wid me?
Yep, right behind ya

Oh crap…


Woody and his pals eat a brick of suet every day

Looks a lot like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot



Knotty planet. Nice! :slight_smile:

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This is available on Amazon.

Caution : NSFW


The chicks are hatching today!

Mom eats the eggshells to keep the nest clean. Here is a snippet of her trying to get it off her beak after she poked a hole in it

Now is when the live mealworms go in the feeder.

I know it is a coincidence but the last brood hatched on Mother’s Day and this brood hatched 3 days after Father’s Day.


Mom had 4 eggs. Three for sure hatched. I saw mom and dad bluebird in the house at the same time looking at the remaining egg. All the eggs were shiny, which is a good thing.

There are definitely 3 hungry chicks. Maybe the 4th one is at the bottom and hasn’t got the strength yet to pop its head up.

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There are 4 chicks and they are hungry.

Haven’t heard any chirping yet. That comes after their eyes open.